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Updating: For September 12, 2017, data input is simplified. Now it is possible to enter expression without multiplication sign. For example 3 (2+i) (-4+sin (i)). If the wrong calculation, a request in the bottom of the page noticed to designate a mistake in the form of the comment. Thanks! 

Allows to calculate result of any complex expression with any quantity of brackets, any length and with any numbers (both valid, and imaginary)

Arithmetic expression means itself expression which uses 4 main operations: multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Let's remind as these operations are made: Addition of two complex numbers 

Правило сложения комплексных чисел

Subtraction of two complex numbers 

Правило вычитания комплексных чисел

Multiplication of two complex numbers 

Правило  умножения двух комплексных чисел

Division of two complex numbers 

Правило деления двух комплексных чисел

This boat still can use the fifth operation - exponentiation, and also all main trigonometrical functions (a sine, a cosine, a tangent), the inverse trigonometrical functions, capture of a logarithm and exhibitors.

Notice, these functions can use both the valid arguments, and complex that opens ample opportunities on calculation of expressions.

Exponentiation is carried out on the known formula of Moivre.

Number degree, can be both valid and imaginary.

The calculator works, is serviceable, and does not make a mistake at correct input of expression.

As it was already told, expression on complexity can be unlimited by the sizes and have a set of brackets.

Line any expression without any functions can be. The following operations can use: 

+ addition

- subtraction

* multiplication

/ division

^ exponentiation

sine (sin)

cosine (cos)

natural logarithm (ln)

tangent (tan)

arctangent (atan)

arcsine (asin)

arccosine (acos)

hyperbolic sine (sinh)

hyperbolic cosine (cosh)

hyperbolic tangent (tanh) 

The number in expression can be as valid which registers in a habitual look, and complex number which is designated by a symbol i 

The request whenever possible to wrap each complex number in parentheses if the first symbol in it is minus(es)



or in more evident look 


We receive our inquiry looks as we it and created right at the beginning 

calc_i (-4-1i)/((-5-2i)+7-1.2i)

Result of expression

Valid part-0.33707865168539

Imaginary part-1.0393258426966 


We receive

{ tex } i / (5-i)+ (-4+2.7i) / (3-i)/0.2i { / tex }

our inquiry looks so calc_i (i / (5-i)) ^2+ (-4+2.7i) / (3-i)/0.2i

Result of expression the

Valid part 2.0115384615385

Imaginary part 7.5423076923077 

комплексная степень
Inquiry of atan(i+2) - cos (1+i / (3-i)) ^ (2*i^ (1/2))
Result of expression
Valid part 0.66468285388895
Imaginary part 1.0051451851734
As you can see, complexity of expression can be any and include complex numbers. 
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