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The history of this topic goes back to ancient times when patent law was not as developed as it is today.

Scientists, in order to prove their superiority in one or another discovery on the one hand and on the other hand, should not be displaced, if suddenly this discovery was false, we had to invent a tool such as encrypting the opening text, rearranging the letters of tex in random order.

This is how Gallileo did it in the 17th century.

"In 1610, Galileo was struck by the appearance of the planet, represented by three vague spots. Seeing such a strange picture, the cautious Italian announced, just in case, that he had made a discovery. But he encrypted his essence, rearranging the letters of the key phrase in the order known to him alone. It turned out anagram: Smaisnermielmbpobtalevmibaneuvdtlamiras. Ah, how much effort was spent by contemporaries in deciphering the cryptography! How much empty time was devoted to this study of Mars Kepler. After many permutations, removing three superfluous and adding two disadvantages of those who, in his opinion, were letters, Kepler composed a magnificent phrase that revealed, as he thought, the meaning of Galileo’s work: “Salve imbestineum geminata Martin proles”, which meant: “Hello to you twins, Mars is a creature.” Alas, although two seconds later two satellites were indeed discovered by Mars for more than a century, at that moment Kepler was mistaken. Galileo, making sure in repeated observations of the correctness of his conclusion, restored the order of letters and published the decoding of the anagram: "Altissimum planetam tergeminum observari", which translated from Latin meant: " The highest planet triple observing gave "." (c)

Our bot does the same, only in automatic mode.

Gaps and punctuation marks are removed from the original text and the text is mixed

There is a second option for mixing letters in the text. Surely it will come in handy for all those who create annagramas from words. It is enough to make a choice - mix the words within the word and the script will produce a mixed word within the word. That is, it does not just interfere with the letters as it pleases, but takes into account the boundaries of mixing in the form of spaces and punctuation marks.

This is very convenient when, for example, it is necessary to compose an annagram of two words, so that the letters would be mixed only within each of the specified words.

"Creating mixed text from the original test"

The result will be as follows


Let's try to compose an anagram from the saying "The dog barks, the caravan goes" but in such a way that the letters are mixed only within the word

Put a tick and write

We write a dog barks, the caravan goes

The answer will be as follows

het god kbars the narvcaa gose
Good luck with your conversions!
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