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The planet Jupiter has the following coordinates
Distance from Earth to Jupiter (an a.a.)
Distance from the Sun to Jupiter (an a.a.)
Azimuth (in degrees)
Height over the horizon (in degrees)
Equatorial system of coordinates
Right ascension
Ecliptic system of coordinates
Heliocentric coordinates of ecliptic system of coordinates


Jupiter, the fifth largest planet in the solar system by distance from the Sun.

Jupiter is the largest of the giant planets.
Known since ancient times. It moves around the Sun at an average distance of 5.203 a. e. (778 million km).
The orbit eccentricity is 0.048, the inclination of the orbital plane to the ecliptic plane is 1.3 °.
Jupiter makes a complete revolution around the Sun in 11.862 years, moving at an average speed of 13.06 km / s.
The average synodic period of circulation is 399 days. For 12 years, Jupiter has traveled all over the sky along the ecliptic, and in the confrontation it is visible as a slightly yellowish star - 2.6 magnitudes; inferior in brilliance only to Venus and Mars during the great confrontation.
The visible disk of Jupiter has the shape of an ellipse, the axes of which in the middle opposition are visible at an angle of 45.5 '' and 43.7 ''. In conjunction with the Sun, Jupiter has an angular size of 1/3 less, and the brightness of 0.84 magnitude is weaker than in oppositions.
Jupiter's visual albedo is 0.67.
Jupiter's equatorial diameter is 142600 km, polar - 134140 km; Jupiter's compression (1: 15.9) is due to its rapid axial rotation. The rotation period near the equator is 9 hours 50 minutes 30 seconds (PI), and at mid-latitudes - 9 hours 55 minutes 40 seconds (P II).
The volume of Jupiter exceeds the volume of the Earth by 1315 times, and the mass - by 318 times. The mass of Jupiter is 1: 1047.39 of the Sun.
The average density (1.33 g / cm 3) differs little from the average density of the Sun. The acceleration of gravity at the pole of Jupiter is 27.90 m / s 2, at the equator - 25.90 m / s 2: centrifugal acceleration at the equator - 2.25 m / s 2.
The parabolic velocity (runaway speed) on the surface of Jupiter is 61 km / s
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11/17/2019 [November 17, two thousand and nineteen] 1:48:24 [1 hour 48 minutes 24 seconds]
Planet Jupiter has the following coordinates
Distance from Earth to Jupiter (AU)
Distance from the Sun to Jupiter (AU)
Azimuth (in degrees)
Altitude (in degrees)
Equatorial coordinate system
-23 ° 14 '
Right ascension
Ecliptic coordinate system
0 ° 10 '
266 ° 35 '
Heliocentric coordinates of the ecliptic coordinate system
0 ° 11 '
272 ° 22 '


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