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At the beginning I would like to present a charming video about the so-called photography technique as timelapse (aka time-lapse photography, interval shooting or time-lapse photography)

It’s a good idea to shoot cityscapes, natural landscapes and other attractions. But how can you try to photograph the sunrise or sunset in an unfamiliar area? where did you come as a tourist?

This situation occurs quite often. And if we can still predict the sunrise or sunset, the point where the Moon will rise, especially in an unknown city, is almost impossible.

Personally, I saw very little time lapse, where the rising Moon is shown, from the very top edge. Everywhere there are shootings where in the first frames there is already part of the Moon. That is, the photographer first saw where it was rising, then set up the camera and began filming.

So far, I have seen the practical use of this bot specifically to help photographers or some kind of filming.

The bot allows you to calculate, based on the data received, the azimuths of sunrise and sunset of the two main luminaries - the Moon and the Sun. Thus, having arrived in an unfamiliar city and having a compass, either manually or in the form of a program on your tablet, you can easily determine the point from which the Moon will rise.

With this knowledge you will always be able to:

1. Set up the camera in such a way that the landscape of the sunrise or sunset is most impressive.

2. Absolutely know where the Moon or Sun will rise. Even if you come to a completely unfamiliar city or town.

If you need to calculate the time (local time) of sunrise and sunset, then go to this page Sunrise, sunset and moon for any area

Let us recall what azimuth is in our understanding - the angle that is formed between the direction to the south and the direction to the luminary, if the angle is drawn clockwise. That is, if 90 degrees is West, if 270 degrees is East.

It works a little slowly (due to insufficient optimization of scripts), so please wait for the results. The answer takes no more than 6 seconds.

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