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In the settlement
For the set date and local time
Over the horizon there are following planets

From mid-summer to the end of the Indian summer, in central Russia, the most favorable time for observing the firmament comes. This is due to less activity of gnats (mosquitoes), a more transparent atmosphere, and relatively warm nights, when you wrap yourself in a blanket, you turn your eyes to the stars.

Our bot will say which planets and luminaries are above the horizon, low or high and in which direction to look for them. To do this, we need only two parameters: the locality where the observations are made and the local date (including local time).

The calculator does not calculate anything new, all this is in previous materials of the same section, but it provides a convenient tabular representation of the visibility of the planets.

The azimuth in this material, as in all other calculators on the site, is calculated as it is written in all directories, that is, from the direction to the South Pole and clockwise through the west.

You can write a settlement in any, in any language, right down to the house number. Thanks to the Google service, we, by the name of the city and street, will determine the exact geographical coordinates.

For example, which planets will be visible (will be above the horizon) on August 22, 2020 in the city of Deli,India  at 12 hours 35 minutes local time?

We enter the city (Deli) and the date in the form of DD / MM / YYYY / HH / MM / SS (08/22/2020/12/35)

We get the following calculation:

In the settlement
India, Deli
For the set date and local time
08/22/2020 12:35:00
Over the horizon there are following planets
Planet/star Height over the horizon Azimuth
Moon 43.473 25.185
Sun 35.201 57.877
Mercury 34.268 53.650
Venus 38.398 359.905
Mars 35.759 58.294
Saturn 6.139 295.993

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