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In this material online the return matrix calculates from square set. Works with complex numbers.

The matrix is called return for a square matrix of A if inverse matrix

where E - a single matrix (i.e. a matrix on the main diagonal of which there are units, and all other elements are equal to zero) 

единичная матрица

A square matrix A is called degenerate if its determinant is zero, and non-degenerate otherwise .

If the matrix A has the inverse, then this matrix is ​​non-degenerate.

The converse is also true. Every non-degenerate matrix.

nondegenerate matrix

has an inverse matrix

inverse matrix

Where A ij is the algebraic complement of the matrix

For example, the original matrix

inverse matrix - calculation

And this is the opposite, with rounding to 4 decimal places

inverse complex matrix

What is the practical value of the inverse matrix? Where can we use it?

The simplest and most illustrative example.

We have a system of equations

5x_1 + 3x_2 = h_1 \\ 3x_1 + 2x_2 = h_2

We need to express x_1 and x_2 through h_1 and h_2

if we take from the matrix

\ begin {pmatrix} 5 & 3 \\ 3 & 2 \ end {pmatrix} the opposite, then we get \ begin {pmatrix} 2 & -3 \\ -3 & 5 \ end {pmatrix}

And therefore our decision looks like this

x_1 = 2h_1-3h_2 \\ x_2 = -3h_1 + 5h_2


Using an inverse matrix, for example, we need to create diophantine equations from a common matrix.


Some more examples

Source matrix origin matrix

The inverse matrix of the original is inventory matrix

Matrix containing expressions

complex matrix


after automatic conversion we get just such a matrix

complex matrix example


And its inverse matrix has the following form

inverse complex matrix

Good calculations !!

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